Bartolomeu Dias Facts

Interesting bartolomeu Dias facts and his brief life history

Bartolomeu Dias was a first explorer from the European country to sail around the southern region of the Africa. He made this travel to discover the Cape of Good Hope. This finding made it achievable for the Europeans to trade with India and Asia through water rather than land that was too expensive at that time. He was born in the year 1451 in Algarve, Portugal. But there is not much information about his early life in the history.

It is trusted that Bartolomeu’s father was from the dignified Portuguese family. On the October 10 in 1487, the king of Portugal John II assigned him to sail to the southern area of Africa in expects of finding a trading route which would direct them to India. It is his brief history but there are more numbers of interesting bartolomeu dias facts available.

Attractive facts of Bartolomeu Dias:

  • Bartolomeu Dias was a royal Portuguese court member when he was selected to head the journey to find the trade route to India.
  • He was also assumed to be searching for a particular man named Prester John who was a Christian kind of Ethiopia. This kind desired to make a friendship to enable trade to India.
  • Dias was a sailing master of the warship San Christovao that is he was a man of war at that time.
  • A travel to the south region of Africa started in the summer season of the year 1487 and ended after about 16 months.
  • A very bad storm pushed three ships of Bartolomeu out to the sea and his team could not spot the land for 13 days.
  • The food supply on the travel began to run low and his team convinced Bartolomeu to return to Portugal before feat the destination of India.
  • On the return expedition, his navy saw the border of Africa. Then, Dias and his team had missed it on the way due to severe storm.

Some other bartolomeu Dias facts:

There are so many real and interesting bartolomeu dias facts about his travel to the Africa and discovering a route to India.

  • Bartolomeu named a border/tip of Africa as Cape of Storms because of the storm he experienced while sailing to Africa in the past.
  • The Portugal king then changed this name to the Cape of Good Hope because he trusted that its finding could probably lead to the trade route to India through water.
  • The king was not cheerful that Bartolomeu Dias and his team had not achieved a goal to reach the India and similarly they had not found Ethiopia king Prester John.
  • Bartolomeu then moved to Guinea until the new Portugal king Manuel I employed him to supervise the ships building for the upcoming travel of Vasco de Garma to India.
  • Dias overseen a construction process of two ships in the year 1494. Both these ships would be a part of the preceding successful travel to India travelling south region around the Cape of Good Hope guided by the Vasco de Garma.