Fun facts about the Eiffel Tower – The City of Love

Who has not dreamt of going to Paris once in their lives? It is not so uncommon to share this goal with many people these days. Basically, Paris is that one city which became popular because of its ambiance perfect for romance and love. There is a tenfold of couples who come in there to spend their honeymoon. In going there – of course the aim is to lay eyes on the Eiffel tower. As this is the case, there are so many fun facts about the Eiffel Tower that have to be learned about. What are these?

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Learning more about the Eiffel Tower

There was a time when a woman tried to kill herself by committing suicide on the Eiffel Tower. What was quite ironic though was that she landed on a car and eventually, she married the owner of the said car. Even if this case happened, it does not occur a lot. As a matter of fact, it has been said that the Eiffel tower comes with the highest rare in suicide. The rate is like 17.5 for 1000 people. This is perceived up until now, as an important issue that has to be resolved in the government of France.

The Eiffel tower – if measured in numbers can be huge. It is responsible in employing almost 300 workers. This is known as a combination of almost 18,038 wrought iron pieces which were all fastened with their 2, 5 million of rivets. These all weigh almost 10,000 tons. These also come with a height of 984, 25 ft. This is how the Eiffel tower is represented in numbers.

Whenever it is summer time, the Eiffel Tower is said to be way taller. It may be in six inches actually. This occurs because the summer heat would always expand the steel structure. Aside from this, the Eiffel Tower never fail to illuminate because of the lights it comes along with. Imagine, almost 5 billion of these are installed. The tower may consume almost 7.8 million and this may happen for like kWh for every year. This is one heck of utility bill. This is for sure.

Indeed, it is an understatement to say that it would be cool to be in the Eiffel Tower. It can take more than that. It goes with so many sides that have to be seen as well. The only thing though is that it may take a couple of hours to fall in line with it. This is how it has always been but it can still be fine later on.

There is a man who tried to destroy the Eiffel Tower since its lights are shining in the view of his bedroom. According to him, it keeps him awake every night. A dynamite was planned to be utilized in the destruction. It was Ivan Chtcheglov who want the bombing done. He was arrested and afterwards, he was committed and admitted to a mental hospital. He was carried by his then spouse.