My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding – An Outrageous Reality Show That Lasted Long

Who would have thought a show as outrageous as My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding would last for 5 seasons in the US over a period of 3 years? Despite the craziness featured in the show, it kept raking huge audiences. Hence, it remained on air for a long time and even got spinoffs. There were several complaints especially from the Romani-American group who felt inappropriately depicted in the show.

Following the lives of Romani-Americans, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reality show was born. It featured certain members of a minority group and their quest for love.

The show featured some of the most outrageous wedding dresses you’ll ever find. The brides really went over the top with their choices.

The show sparked tons of controversies, but it remained on air for five seasons in the US. The audience share is quite high and it motivated the producers to keep going.

Romani-Americans spoke out against the show and said that the show was a bad representation of their culture.

The show was accused of racism and false depiction of a minority group. There were several calls for the show’s cancelation.

There were quite a lot of women who were inspired by the wedding dresses featured in the show even if they looked outrageous.

Extremely controversial shows usually end up getting canceled early. However, this show even got spinoffs and continued up until 5 seasons.

Since it was first aired in the US in 2012, it raked one controversy after another. It was only in 2015 though when its final episode was aired.

This show is a proof of how much we are into reality shows. We are undeniably living in this golden era of reality shows that we are willing to see almost anything on TV.

Even as the show ended, some people were still interested to see the fate of the people in it. Some of the stories were even further told in special episodes.