African Penguin Facts – What makes them different?

Whenever penguins are talked about, picturing ice and snow is most likely to occur or take place. This is the notion here. Even if this is the case, little do people know what there is this one species of penguin which is somehow adjusted to way warmer climates. These are the African penguins. These would always live in colonies which are situated in the coast. The same is also true with the southern Africa islands. They are most likely to be found in there. There are still many African Penguin facts waiting to be discovered. What are these?

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African Penguins

African penguins are sometimes referred to as the jackass penguins. Whenever they communicate, they create this donkey-braying sound like. Aside from this, they have the ability to somehow dive under water. They can last for almost 2.5 minutes. This is how they are whenever they catch small fish like sardines and anchovies. They also have the ability to munch and eat crustaceans and squid. Most of the African penguins come to an average of 60 cm. This reaches 2 ft. It may also weigh up to 3.6 kg. If converted, this is 8 lb. Their tails are short. They also have these wings which are the same of that of flippers. These are useful whenever they need to be helped in navigating the waters. The propelling on the other hand takes place because of the webbed feet they come along with.

The idea for such penguins is to be kept dry and insulated. This has to occur when they are in the cold water. How can this be? It is known as a fact that penguins would always be covered in water-proof and dense feathers. This is one. On their belly, they come with feathers. These are the answer why they have this camouflage effect on them. Usually, such will blend on the light whenever predators are on their way to look up for species to victimize. This may occur even from below. As that happens, the black backs would definitely meld. This is going to be directed towards darker seas. This will be the moment when predators are going to look down. This is going to take place from above.

African penguins are most likely to breed in their colonies. They are not going out of their way, travel and so just to give birth. This is not going to occur. The penguins would always nest in their burrows too. They would dig out their very own excrement. This is referred to as the guano. These are perceived in the areas which are under bushes or boulders. Their nests are always capable of protecting their eggs and even chicks from the destructing rays of sun and even from other predators such as seagulls and cats. Eggs are surely going to lay in pairs and these would be taken care of their parents. Their parents are surely going to incubate them after being given birth. They will also be fed. There is a need to wait for two to four years in order for the penguins to mature.